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Gorillas in the mist

Gorillas in the mist

An abandoned wooden jetty on the edge of Poole Harbour



Kite surfer

A kite surfer in Poole Harbour


Sometimes it good to have a vision for a photo and to then see if you can accomplish it.

The original photo of this kitesurfer was good in it’s own right but I wanted to give it a etherealĀ feel but to also emphasise the movement.

A little bit of time in Photoshop produced this result.

Light warp

Hamworthy Pier in Poole Harbour long exposure

Hamworthy Pier on the edge of Poole Harbour in Dorset. A grey, wet and cloudy day turned into a great sunny end of the day.


All was calm

A still morning

I had a very local outing this morning as I needed to be back home by 08:30. I decided to head to Lake Pier in Hamworthy as I hadn’t been there for a while and especially since getting the new camera.

Although it was pretty cold, it was an amazing sunrise with the harbour being as calm as you could imagine.

Like all things the weather didn’t last long and even as I was taking this photo a rain cloud was moving in quickly behind me!

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Tuesday Night is Bike Night

Harley Davidson

Tuesday night is bike night!

Hundreds of motorbikes descend on Poole Quay every Tuesday night to meet up and compare the shininess of their chrome with fellow bikers.

I went down with the aim of getting some moody close up bike shots. A few more can be seen here:

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