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Gorillas in the mist

Gorillas in the mist

An abandoned wooden jetty on the edge of Poole Harbour


Sea Spray

Standing still

Sometimes things don’t go your way.
I had visions of a great misty sunrise the other day as I headed out but was greeted with a gloomy, overcast morning.

Determined to get at least one photo out of my outing I headed down to Kimmeridge and went for some close-up misty wave action as it seemed to fit the conditions.

It’s a monochrome thing

Rocks and waterfall

The waterfall at Osmington Mills on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset

I’ve always seen photography as needing 3 key ingredients – Skill/talent, good equipment and luck. You need all 3 to work together to get great images.

I often plan trips out and look at the weather forecast, sunrise times and direction, tides, driving and walking directions amongst other things to try and be meaningful with my landscape/seascape photography.

Last weekend was one of these times where I did all of the ground work for a trip to Osmington Mills however the weather didn’t play ball and the sunrise didn’t really happen.

Having done a bit of homework I remembered that there was a small waterfall so worked on getting an image of this.

The conditions made for a nice monochrome image which is how this shot came about.
Having done my usual edits in Lightroom I also used the Nik Collection (Silver Efex Pro 2) from Google (that is now free) to enhance the image.

So although it wasn’t the image I originally had in my mind before the day, you’ve always have to adapt to the conditions and use your imagination and creative skills to make the most of the conditions you have.