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Stylish Sitting Room

I enjoyed photographing this stylish apartment last week on behalf of a client.


Steaming up!

I had great fun photographing this pool and gym complex last week. Having to wipe the condensation off the lens before every shot also added to the fun!

Introducing Smooth & Snappy Videos from Harbour View Photography

As a professional photographer I take a keen interest in developments in how house buyers and holiday let customers interact with different forms of media.


The popularity of YouTube and other video services is massive and I personally will go to YouTube first as a means of gaining content on many subjects.


I believe as a population we are much more aligned to looking at videos as a means of gaining knowledge and information.


Property videos are not a new ideal however the accessibility of 3-axis gimbals and cameras capable of taking 4K video now allow smooth, high quality videos to be completed for an affordable price to the client.


Link here to an example of our walk through videos.


In researching the benefits of property videos I have found some interesting statements from professional marketing agencies:


“51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best Return On Investment”

“Video marketing is an effective way to boost your real estate business, for obvious reasons: buyers connect with houses on a visual level, making video an ideal medium for brand expansion.”

“Short-videos tend to have a higher click-through rate, higher engagement, and higher level of video completion. People are more willing to take a risk on watching shorter content. This makes them ideal for new impressions and high levels of short-term engagement.”

I believe the use of smooth and snappy walk through videos will increasing grow as a media form that potential clients will want to engage with; ultimately driving higher traction to clients listings and websites.


Walk through videos are also a great asset to share on social media channels with the additional benefit of improving a client’s search engine ranking.


Harbour View Photography has derived a format of video that provides an overview of a property within 30, 60 or 90 seconds. Completing videos to a set format allows the videos to be completed to a fixed, competitive price whilst offering the client a high quality product that compliments high quality photographs.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like a chat about our walk through videos.


Phil Jackson

Harbour View Photography