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Durdle Door

Durdle Door

Durdle Door always presents itself in different ways and although it is an amazing landmark that has been photographed to death I enjoy the challenge of getting a new and unique take on things.

The clear sky on this morning meant that I had to take a different approach, so I have gone for some subtle processing with muted colours.

What do you think?


All was calm

A still morning

I had a very local outing this morning as I needed to be back home by 08:30. I decided to head to Lake Pier in Hamworthy as I hadn’t been there for a while and especially since getting the new camera.

Although it was pretty cold, it was an amazing sunrise with the harbour being as calm as you could imagine.

Like all things the weather didn’t last long and even as I was taking this photo a rain cloud was moving in quickly behind me!

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So take a purple orchid, 2 flashes and half an hour to experiment and this is the sort of result you can get!

It’s always good to try different things to see what you get and you always learn from it – good or bad.

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