Monthly Archives: April 2014

Through the round window

We had a family walk through Upton Country Park on Saturday. Given the forecast for rain it seemed like a good option as at least there was ample tree cover!
The rain held off and we had some great sunshine coming through the trees.

Upton Country Park has gone through a number of changes recently and the play trail is much improved which the kids loved.

This is a view through one of the wooden objects. I love the vibrant greens at this time of year as the leaves come out.


The Old Sawmill

This is a great building in Pamphill near Wimborne.
I have taken a few shots of it before but thought I would take a few more with my revised kit and improved post-processing techniques.

I love the dilapidation and different colour and textures you get in the corrugated roof and wood paneling.

This shot was actually taken from about 10ft in the air using the fancy telescopic painters pole I now have and a remote trigger ap for my phone allowing me to see what I’m taking a photo of and adjust camera settings via wifi – very clever!

The season starts

The sailing season has got off to a nice start with the Wednesday evening series last week.

I was on the race hut doing a duty but managed to take a few photos in between doing my jobs.

Click on the photo to see a few more from the evening.