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Every Sunday a bunch of classic cars have a little meet-up at Seaview in Poole.
This is one of the cars parked-up whilst the owners had a tea and a chat.

This is a 8 X 3 ratio.



Best viewed large.
After getting up at 04:40 on Sunday I drove around the harbour (the first ferry isn’t until 07:00) and parked up in Studland. After a brisk walk in the dark to Old Harry the sky looked promising. Sadly a bank of cloud moved across the sunrise so there ended up not being much colour in the sky.
I took this shot using a Nisi 10 stop ND filter.
Post processed in LR4. The crop is a 8 X 3 ratio which seems to work quite well.


It’s great to have some nice weather in the UK after so much rain.
I popped out to Pamphill Church to see if the bluebells were anywhere near coming out (they weren’t!) but thought the blossom looked nice around the church.

The Boatshed

Having had a mad week at work I thought it was only right that I should get up early last Saturday and go out and take some photos!
The forecast was for stillness and mist so I decided to do a local trip and went down to Poole Park.
It was somewhat brisk but the sunrise was great which always makes it worthwhile.

This is a photo of the Sevens Boatshed which sits on the edge of Poole Park Lake.